Human Design Specialists
A Unique Approach to Harness Talent & Bring Teams Together 
  1. Human Design Energetic Assessment
    Unlike other profiling systems, Human Design Corporate Solutions uses the profile information to create strategic coaching programs that evolve communications, leadership development and team function in your organization.
  2. What is Human Design?
    Human Design is an energetic personality profiling system that combines ancient energy systems with quantum physics. It reveals your strengths, how you interact in relationships, your specific leadership style, optimum work strategy, and the best way to get results.
  3. Why Human Design over other profiling systems?
    The difficulty with existing profiling systems is linking results to coaching solutions. We use Human Design to coach corporate leaders to harness, motivate, and leverage their talent to optimize performance and productivity at work.
  4. Communication
    To increase your professional impact, it is essential to understand your inner communication strategies, i.e.,unique decision making style, emotional literacy & how to use your energy efficiently. Our Human Design coaching programs help you achieve those goals.
  5. Targeted Leadership Training
    Too often we impose leadership systems on individuals i.e. putting square pegs into round holes. Human Design Corporate Solutions offer you the ability to recognize the unique leadership qualities in your existing talent, and position them correctly.
  6. Team Development
    Knowing how you interact with others and developing a win-win competitive edge is how you OPTIMIZE your team's functionality. Human Design Corporate Solutions offer unique training on how to develop relationships in the workplace.

What We Do
We are here to Support You- Motivate & Leverage Your Key Talent
We are professionals from varied corporate backgrounds who formed under the umbrella of Human Design Corporate Solutions to promote more specific coaching programs tailored to your organization. We recognize that ​​one size does not fit all. Human Design offers us the advantage of creating unique programs  that tailor the training to the individual.  
We are committed to help corporate leadership bridge the gap between existing and emerging talent, who require alternative leadership strategies to motivate and develop . Our approach starts with understanding your business, your personal ambitions and overall company goals.
 ​​​​​When To Call Us 
Do you experience the following challenges in your company?
  • Struggle with team dynamics
  • Lack of effective strategies to retain and train your talent
  • Difficulty bridging leadership gaps to manage young talent
  • Motivating your emerging leaders 
  • Resistance when introducing change
  • Bridging communication gaps to embrace cultural diversity 
  • Low associate engagement in Wellness programs
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Meet our Team
We can handle all of your Coaching needs.
Annita Keane, Boston, Massachusetts
Annita combines a biomedical science background with holistic expertise to teach busy professionals how to play their "A" Game under pressure. A Success Coach and Best Selling Author, Annita's work has been distributed in 15 countries and translated into 7 different languages. Her goal is to help brilliant professionals realize their full potential. ​
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Karen Cise Flaherty, Flagler Beach, Florida
With over 30 years experience in marketing and sales positions in various industries, speaker and author Karen Flaherty brings her unique perspective on human design into the workplace to make a difference for boards of directors, leadership groups and management teams. The challenges in the corporate and small business environments seem to overshadow the real need for trust, professional development, and uniquely "seeing" all team members for the strengths they possess. Karen refers to it as their "genius", their natural genius. It's there in each one of us and her practical use of human design and coaching methods allows the real genius to shine through for each of her clients.
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